Dear Friends,

A very warm welcome to you all. British Wireless for the Blind Fund is delighted to present the complete redesign and relaunch of

We have listened carefully to requests made by Local Talking Newspapers over the last two years and from these have developed a brand new site, which we hope meets those requirements.

We have rebranded the entire site to fit with all the branding work that BWBF has undertaken recently. We hope you enjoy it.

The layout is also a little different, although all of the function is still there and much improved. Here is a quick insight into the tabs that now run along the top bar:-

  • LTN Log in - This allows you to log in. No need now to find your LTN name, just simply enter you user name and password.
  • Current Users - This shows all the current LTNs that upload to us, split by area.
  • Join Us – Information on the service and how to join, as well as the benefits this can bring.
  • Contact Us – Some simple contact information.

There has also been a complete redevelopment and redesign of the functional elements of this web page. Firstly the upload site, now allows you to add any number of files at one time and upload in one click. There is still an individual file limit of 50 MB, although we see that this will support everyone currently.

We have also reworked the ‘Webstat’ environment (our statistic service), which we are now calling ‘Webstat 2.0’, to bring several key changes. We now support a BWBF embedded player that does not require the user to download, removing all the issues with Windows 10 audio players. This also has an automatic element built in so it will start playing immediately once the user clicks on the link and will move to the next piece of audio once this has finished, as well as having all the necessary functions and controls if the user needs to get involved. We are aware however that this automatic element does have some constraints with iOS devices that will not allow data usage to start without the user requesting this first. The new embedded player now brings a deeper understanding of the listening habits of the listener through enhanced data capture, resulting in I.P. address location being available, as well as the number of individual pieces of audio that have been listened to.

Finally we are always looking for new Local Talking Newspapers to come on board and we have received the following requests from current users, so if you are linked to or part of these areas please help us to get their audio content uploaded:-

Any in Wales

We hope you find the changes supportive and easy to use and would welcome your feedback.