Dear Friends,

We have now completed our open invitation this year for any suggested changes to be made to the streamed service.

Firstly thank you to all of those that have spoken to or emailed us, bringing suggested changes to further support this service going forward. All of these suggestions have now been digested, along with decisions on those updates that will now be taken into development. Although it is important to note, that all requests made were able to be brought into this year’s development work.

This development work will begin immediately, below are details of these changes:-

  • 'Webplayer' update – This is a complete rewrite bringing more interactive functions for the user.

  • 'Webstat' now becomes ‘Webstat 3.0’, this will now report, Bumblebee, Sonata and external stats. We will now report the device being used for external as well as opening up the listener details, so that they can be seen in isolation as a start to providing user profiles.

  • Link formats – Currently .m3u and .pls is provided, we will now produce a number of other formats as well as those supporting iTunes.

  • Archive function, multi sort – This brings a whole new service, to allow both the current edition and a previous week(s) edition(s) to be stored and accessed by listeners. This will be a simple automated service and we will bring more news of this as we have it.

If you require any further information on these updates or just want to talk about the service in general, please come and speak to David Beard - BWBF anytime on 01622 754757 or alternatively email

BWBF clearly values your input, so please let us know what you think and we look forward to the launch of this new service by the end of 2017.