Dear Friends,

When we completed the major overhaul and redesign of this whole service at the end of 2016, we made a bold promise that this was just the beginning of changes that we would bring. So as promised we now bring the next phase of commitment to ensuring that this streaming service dedicated to supporting Local Talking Newspapers keep up to speed with the current technology advances. So that we can continue to deliver real, live and informative data to the hands of all Local Talking Newspaper who access this service.

In writing this BWBF are extremely proud to announce that this next phase of development will begin immediately. This new development stage starts with an open invitation for the next 2 months to all Local Talking Newspapers to suggest the changes that you want to see.

We already have a number of ideas which have been brought to the table, which mainly fit around further enhancements and creation of the next generation of ‘Webstat 2.0’ our statistic collection service, as well as the embedded player that carries your audio.

Here are some of the ideas that we have already been identified in more detail:-

  • Create separate Sonata users and other/external user’s statistics, so that we can see the geographical positions of these separately.
  • Identify and report the device that users are listening on, mobile, tablet or PC.
  • Launch full user profiles, so that we can begin to look at a user in isolation so more understanding of what their listening habits are. From where they are, what device they listen on, plus what time of the day or for how long they listen, as examples. (This will begin this year and continue into 2018).
  • Further develop the embedded player, enhance time bar to allow scroll function. Increase capabilities to be able to fast forward and rewind tracks.
  • Increase the sort function so that we can sort by date and name, this will allow 2 weeks editions to be held one after the other within the same upload file.

If there is anything else that you would want to see or anything that you want to discuss with us, please come and speak to David Beard - BWBF anytime on 01622 754757 or alternatively email

BWBF clearly values your input so please let us know what you think and we look forward to the launch of this new service in early October 2017.